Anybody buy a MH on EBay?


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Re: Anybody buy a MH on EBay?

Just like anything else on eBay, look at the records and rating of the seller. When you find a unit you like, check it out online to see the value ( and quality (rv groups). Look for a complete ad, with pictures, not just a '1 liner'. Make sure that the method(s) of delivery are acceptable to you, and that you have a reasonable recourse if there is anything wrong with it which was not adequately described in the ad. Give preferance to ones close enough for you to drive over and inspect/test drive.

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Re: Anybody buy a MH on EBay?

Make sure it has a clear title. Easy to get burned but, lots of good deals also. Bid with caution and don't get into bidding on that Prevost for 99 thousand. He probably also has some ocean front properity in Arizona for sale :eek:


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RE: Anybody buy a MH on EBay?= I Did! - from 1st timer.

I bought my first RV just this past August from E-Bay. I kind of just bought it on an impulse. It's a 97' Fleetwood Flair model gas w/a 454. Now 8,000 miles later all is great.

Most important is decide a head of time how much you will be willing to pay before you make any bid, and make sure you have cash/financing already in place.

What sold me on mine was even though it had 45,000 miles on it there was a transferable warranty for an additional 55,000 or 4 years. I checked on that ahead of time to make sure it was valid.

I also checked the sellers ratings (very important).

E-mailed back and forth with seller probably 5 times before purchasing. Good communication with seller.

I made sure he accepted credit cards as down payment so that when I flew down to pick it up (TEXAS) and if it wasn't as promised I would have contested the sale with C.C. company.

As I said, I'm new to RVing and still learning each time I take it out LOL!!
i.e. How to put out awning, when to run furnace because if it's to cold inside the RV the fridge won't run.

All and in total, I am very happy with my purchase, I think I got a great deal because description and pictures on E-bay where not very abundant. It was a private seller.

PLEASE NOTE**** I was told by a friend of mine who is an RV salesperson, Don't buy pre 97, something to do with the roof. Don't buy an older RV with LOW,LOW miles because lack of use allows rubber gaskets and washers to dry out.
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RE: Anybody buy a MH on EBay?

Just bought one last week off eBay - was a good experience.
Two things I did:
1. Check out their feedback comments - my dealer had 100% positive, which is hard to do on eBay.
2. I had an independent RV inspection on my prospective motorhome. My inspector gave it a high rating and clean bill of health.

Hope this helps. Seems like a lot of folks are buying off eBay, and I understand that more and more dealers are getting on eBay. But check out the dealers, for sure. Not sure how you can handle individual sellers - probably won't have a big feedback file. The RV inspection would be a big help in that case, I think.

Best of luck 2 u,