Anybody know this?

John Hamilton

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Just went on e-bay~someone selling new,with warranty Honda 2000 eui. He said he would sell it to me with shipping for $695.00. When I e-mailed him and asked him how he could sell a unit for that cost he said they were demo's~never owned by anyone. Maybe used by a salesman for demos only. some may have imperfections on the outside, but run perfect. Seems like they are based out of UK.

Just wondering what your take on this is~hate to pass up a good deal, but dont want to be taken either.



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Anybody know this?

If they are out of the UK, the gen will be 240VAC and of no use to you unless you have an residential electric stove or clothes dryer!

Gary B

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Anybody know this?

HI John be very careful!!!!!! I know of a fellow that thought he was buying a new demo 4 wheeler on e-bay, for one heck of a good price, the guy selling was in the UK(supposely) and the 4 wheeler was in Tenn. The price included shipping well the guy sent off his money and 2 days later the e-mail address was no good there was not 4 wheeler and he was out his money. Be very careful. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:
I am not against buying on E-Bay, I buy lots of things on e-bay but I check the seller's record, I ask questions and I NEVER EVER buy from overseas sellers.


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Anybody know this?

And I never send money or payment to a p.o. box - only to a real address, and if the item is cheap enough, i ask them if a personal check is ok, so far everyone has said yes to stuff under $100.
Maybe consider PayPal, but I have never had to use it.

Also look to see how much feedback they have, the more the better of course.

If they balk at anything, I get leery.