anybody wanna trade an suv for an rv?

I have an 88 chevy blazer 4x4 in good shape with minor interior and exterior wear black leather interior, power locks/doors needs muffler 176,000 miles
will trade for motorhome with good engine
please email me if interested :laugh:
anybody wanna trade an suv for an rv?

Not to discourage you Kazee - however - your 4 x 4 is worth possibly $300 or $400 and I serously doubt you are going to manage a trade for what you are seeking.

You may be better off going to e-bay and start bidding on something there - but I have not seen anything (motorhomes) - even in sad shape - for anywhere near the value you are looking.

Maybe you should consider keeping the 4 x 4 and finding an old folddown camper to pull behind it.

Good luck

God Bless

Bill & Judy
anybody wanna trade an suv for an rv?

Good luck to you Kazee.. a "good engine" in a motor home is worth more than $1789 alone. If you find a motorhome for that amount or less, be very cautious about traveling in it. I have never seen one for anywhere near that price. Happy camping.
anybody wanna trade an suv for an rv?

Sounds like you are trying really hard to become one of us - Kazee. Welcome and I hope you are able to find some way to accomplish this. Here are a couple more suggestions though.

1- If you "Really" want to know the true value of your vehicle - take it to a reputable used auto dealer and explain that you want to sell it to him/her. Obtain his/her best offer and try and haggle them up as high as possible. Answer to this question will set the true value of your vehicle (then - IF - you are able to get more than that price by selling it privately then you have gotten the gravy out of it.

2- Check on e-bay. There is at least 1 motorhome for sale at the present time - in which the sellers are advertising that they are willing to take at least "Partial" trades.

This may be your best bet for getting into the camping scene - and again. Good luck to you and God Bless

PS - Last year I had a really nice 1982 Chevrolet Caprice 4 dr. It had 280000 on it and new tires (had less than 3000 on them). I tried to trade the car in and not a single dealer would consider taking it. I tried to "Give" the car to a charity - no one would take it. I offered the car to a dealer friend who very reluctantly offered me $150 for it.

This car was in excellent shape - no rust - no damage - interior excellent - etc.

I put a sign on it and after nearly 8 months a mexican man stopped by and looked at it several times. Finally he came back once again and offered me $550 for it (I had a sign for $600 on it).

I took the price and he drove it away. In effect I made $400 on the car.

Bill & Judy