Anyone ever stay at Cedar Point?

Anyone ever stay at Cedar Point?

[jeff-MICH] I know a few people that have stayed at Cedar Point and they think it is the only way to go. You can come and go as you please and they usually got there a day before and set up camp then was at the front gate first thing in the morning without the long drive to get there early. The one point they really stressed that they liked was that Cedar Point has a laser show at night and most people leave before it so they aren&#039t on the road all night driving, by camping there all you have to do is go to the camper.
Anyone ever stay at Cedar Point?

[Nancy] Are you allowed to have camp fires there? We are going to Cedar Point this summer but were afraid they didn&#039t allow them.
Anyone ever stay at Cedar Point?

[Nancy] Cedar Point is one of the best amusement parks in the world and it is in the Guinness World Record book as having the most rides (67) of any other park, and for having the tallest gravity based roller coaster. It&#039s located in Sandusky, Ohio, and if you like roller coasters, it&#039s a great place to go!
Anyone ever stay at Cedar Point?

[April] Just an update... we stayed at the campground from Thurs to Sat. and it was nice. The whole idea is to be close to the amusement park, so don&#039t go and plan to "camp". No campfires or bikes, rollerblades etc. And you are packed in pretty tight. But it is clean and most pads are paved with tons of pull thrus. Some sites are in the trees. Lets face it, if you go there you are only there for the rides and it is kind of cool to have rollercoasters as a backdrop! It was nice to be able to have the option of changing clothes or getting something to eat and it was great not having to drive for hours in the middle of the night to get home. We will certainly do it again! One more thing, the place has the most and best rollercoasters anywhere!!! If you want more info go to
Anyone ever stay at Cedar Point?

[Teresa] We were there last year - I might add they do not allow tents either. We heard a couple complaining because their children liked to stay in tents and could not put them up. We noticed some of the sites you would even have a rough time extending your awning - when we say close sites - we mean close sites. They are set up on a circular pattern that goes toward a bath house set in the very middle of the circle. They definately conserve every inch of space that they possible can.

It seemed to be managed well. Very convenience and as stated before really neat to have rollercoasters as your backdrop. You can leave the park mid-day just to rest or get out of the heat and return few hours later ready to take it all on again!

If you like amusement parks - you will love Cedar Point and the campground too!

Good Luck.