anyone need one way transport?

I am searching for anyone that may need a one way transport of their RV from the midwest (we will be coming from Peoria IL) to Asheville NC anywhere from mid-May to mid-June. My disabled grandfather and my grandmother are moving to Asheville NC to an assisted living community and to be near my mom and myself and he is terrified of the actual move. My husband and I suggested the idea of an RV to bring him down but when we looked into one-way rental found it was out of the question. If we drive up from Asheville and then turn around again to bring him down it will be pretty expensive because they charge by the mile. Sooo, I thought I might do some searching on the off chance someone needed a transport of their RV down to the BEAUTIFUL NC mountains! We have a landscape company and own several large trucks so are very used to driving large vehicles (infact my husband is supposed to get his CDL soon if he ever has the time to take the test). It may be a long shot but I thought what the heck...any information you can share would be very helpful. Thanks!!
Re: anyone need one way transport?

My sister-in-law and her husband did about the same thing with his parents. From South Texas to Washington DC. They were real lucky in that they found a MH for sale and bought it before the trip. They ended up keeping it for two years and reselling it for more than they paid for it.

Just a thought that perhaps you haven't considered.