Aquahot System Winterization


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We are caught in a situation where we won't be able to leave home and head south (live in mid MO) until just after Christmas. So, cold weather is a concern. We are stored in a covered storage area, but not enclosed. My question is about how to winterize my Aqua Hot system. According to the directions I read (if I read it right), it says use propylene glycol antifreeze (GRAS) and not ethylene glycol to winterize. It basically says just dump antifreeze in a bucket and disconnect the suction side of the water pump on the RV and put a hose into the antifreeze bucket. I get it that this would pump the antifreeze through the water lines by opening and closing all of the faucets. What I am not quite sure of is how to winterize the aquahot system itself. My understanding of opertion of the aquahot is that it basically heats up the glycol solution already in the aquahot system and then passes fresh water through the heated glycol to heat the water you use in the RV or for heat. I guess my vision is somewhat of a boiler with exchanger tubes to accomplish this. My question is how do you ensure the antifreeze pumped by the water pump completely fills the aquhot system. Does simply opening the hot water side of a faucet accomplish this? Secondly, I am wondering if being plugged into a 15amp 120v circuit is enough to run the electric aquahot and maintain enough warmth to prevent freezing? Anyone have experience with any of this?