Are we nuts?

Okay I have a question for those among you who are rv'ers and know this world a little better than we do right now. Advice would be great!

It has always been my dream to have some freedom with work and travel. Well I am getting toward achieving the work thing as I have two online web stores which allow me to work anywhere theres a web connection. Now my dream about the travel aspect was to spend alot of time on the road.

So.. Does anyone here actually own and live in an RV and run their business from one?

Are we having dreams of grand illusion by thinking we could get one, move into it and travel as we work? Thats the first big question that I wanted to pose to those that know before I get down to specs.

Thanks guys!




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Are we nuts?

Things to keep in mind:

1) There are web connections and web connections. And there are places without web connections. Do you need high speed (broadband) or will a dial up connection do? Can you be 'off the net' for a day while you go from one place to another? Can you be 'off the net' for several days while you look for the next connection? Can you afford a satellite based internet system (I think they are $2K to $5K to install and $100 - $200 a month)?

2) 'Stores' implies product, and RVs do not have a lot of capability to carry stock. Do you need to ship stuff? This could be a problem from a billing standpoint (variable 'from' locations), a logistical standpoint (carrying stock and shipping supplies) and a conveniance standpoint (shipping from different and often unknown venders)?
Are we nuts?

Hi there

In answer to your question, we dont carry stock. Its all drop ship. Yes we could afford the internet connection fee, I am seeing them around $99 a month though I would like one that was possible to use while our RV was in motion - we will get to that later I guess!

Do you live in your Rv full time? Does anyone else - thats what I am initially looking for, anyone who lives in their RV and better yet, anyone who runs their business from it too.

Thanks for your response!

Are we nuts?

While we were full timing and living in our rig, we ran into many people running a variety of businesses out of their rigs. They were quite happy and enjoying a decent income and able to write their rig and travel off against their income. We saw the gamut from day traders who transformed their bedrooms into trading rooms working the bond market to mystery shoppers. Go for your dream! :laugh:
Are we nuts?

Well I hadnt even considered the write off possibilities! I am glad to hear its possible and thanks for your response.

What were your biggest pro's and con's while living full time in your RV and why did you stop? If you have? I fear that perhaps I look at it through rose coloured glasses when in reality its cramped, cold, damp, confining, restricting etc. over long periods of time.

Again thanks, no more full time RV'ers out there?


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Are we nuts?

We have been living in our motorhome now for 4 1/2 years and we love the life. But we don't run an internet business, although we are net juckies. We have found that to have telephone access at the RV site is difficult at best when traveling. There are parks with instant phones near the larger cities, but other places it is very hit or miss to find them. I really think that for running a business the only good answer is one of the dish internet connections. The most available set ups are the roof dishes, but there is now FCC approval for a portable set up and it is far less expensive. For business purposes you might be best with one of the automatic dish, roof mounted systems. The aren't cheap, but they are fast and they are good and you can have it every time you stop, where ever that may be!