Are you using a Remco Lube Pump?


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Hi we'd like to hear from people with experience using a Remco Lube Pump - most specifically on Toyotas or other Japanese cars. Are you satisfied? what yr, make and model and how long have you been towing it? thanx so much.

C Nash

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Are you using a Remco Lube Pump?

Hi narli,
The Remco lube pump is a great product (IMO)and makes towing 4 down possible on a lot of vehicles that would have to be dollied otherwise. Have installed on several vehicles but no Japanese but see no reason they would not perform just as well. You can call remco to see if they have one to fit your toad. Be sure to install the warning device to let you know if it's noy working. :approve: They are rather pricey but sometimes you can find them on e-bay for a decent price if you have not already purchased. I sold one by listing on RVUSA's for sale so ck all the for sales on the rv forums.