Arkansas Lake Ouachita

Here's how we spent a week starting October 8, 2007. Barely any communication, hardly anyone aroundand beautiful weather.

Rented an RV with a hull! It is called Lake Ouachita (named by the French), but pronounced the original way "wash-i-ta". It is near Hot Springs, Arkansas. The water depth was typically 150 feet and the water temperature was "buuurrrrr..."

The lake was down about 7 feet so in some spots it was hard to finda tree close enough to tie off the boat! However, the low level made for some very interesting beaches that are normally underwater.

The only complaint is that we couldn't stay longer. :(

Re: Arkansas Lake Ouachita

Sallyberetta and I are still reeling it all in right now. That was the best week I've ever spent on or near a lake. Something I've always wanted to do. I hope every one of you get to finally get to do one thing that you always wanted to do. It is really satisfying.

The mornings were absolutely the best time to be out in it. We just couldn't believe that the locals don't fill this place up all year long!

This was the first time that we've ever PARKED and RV just to get into ANOTHER RV! :laugh:

PS. I think next spring we may be heading for DL's favorite out west;red rock countryand the four corner states.


Re: Arkansas Lake Ouachita

Looks great Tex ,, but u know me when u said Brrrrrrr ,, i had to put on my Cahart coveralls :) :) :laugh: .
But glad u enjoyed it ,,, as Grandview ,, said ,, where i off to next ?????
Re: Arkansas Lake Ouachita

Lake Ouachita in October was much like the Frio River in the Texas Hill Country or any spring-fed body of water. Once you convince yourself to get in (like sliding down a vertically oriented slide at the back of the boat) it isn't too bad, and you won't keep shivering forever. ;)

The good part about swimming in the lake is that the nose of the boat is on shore and the tail end is in 100 feet of water! That's wild!

Depending on the weather, I'm sort of planning a route through DL's red rock country. He's made it real easy to plan with his posts on that area. But, I'm still wrapped up in this last outing for now.