Just wondering if anyone has camped at either the state park in Assateague or National Seashore there? Planning a trip this summer and do not know which one to go to. We want the most exposure to the ponies and other wildlife.

Thank you in advance.

We have drove to both area's but never camped there but I have a friend who camped there for years and it's definately camping in the rough. Assateague Island starts near Ocean City Maryland, is about 40 miles long and ends across from Chincoteague Island, Virgina. If you want to camp and not have it quite so rough I suggest you check into Chincoteague Island. There are plenty of wild horses and other wildlife on the Virgina side of Assateague and several campgrounds in town. Chincoteague has the pony penning around the last Wednesday in July where they swim the horses across the channel and bring them into town for a couple of days. We have been going to Chincoteague many years and love the town....
Just a suggestion...

Spent many vacations on Chincoteaque Is. parents had a place in Toms Cove there, that is where you want to be, drive over to Assateaque for the beach etc. short distance. saw pony swim many times, it's sad! and Is. get's very crowded (no place at the Inn so to speak)at pony swim time,great seafood restaurants, and of course you can buy fresh seafood, we went out on the water and got our own, fishing,crabbing,claming etc. Have fun! :cool: P.S. Toms Cove is a big campground.