Atlantic City


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Well me and the DW have made plans to FLY to Atlantic City and spend (give) some moneyto the slots at Harrah We are leaving 30 Nov be back DEC 5. Being the MH is winterized and covered we thought we would take a short junket flight and sight see some of this town .We have never been there before so we just wanted to see what it's all about. we just love to travel and since the MH is up for the winter we just take a few flight out of town do a little gambling come home and start all over again. life is great But I do have to ask, if anyone would like for me put in $$$$ in the slots for them just send me the money and if you win I will send you a check of the winning. now that a deal.
and since we aren't RVing and since I have a backhoe to use I am digging up the small hill on the side of the drive way to make the width larger, which will make it a lot easier to back the MH down. we have estimate it will take about 14-16 yards of concrete and we are going to make a stack stone wall to dress it up a little. So if someone is in the area or passing thru and needs to stop and rest I have a spot to park your RV, (POWER ,WATER AND CABLE AVAILABLE sorry no dump site, but it's free. GOSH I love traveling.