Attention Sprint Van Owners

We are entry level buyers that plan on using a Class B Van part time for travel and around town. The new 22 foot Sprint Van with turbo diesel looks intriguing and is attractive to us to stay within the homeowners association code for RV storage. Also attractive is the fact that wife can use it by herself if need be. Haven't seen one up close yet.

Question to owners of the Gulfstream/Roadtrek versions (Vistacruiser etc) or any of the other 3-4 manufacturers. How do you like the product? Floorplan regret? Quality? Please tell what brand you have when responding and thanks in advance. What are we not getting by buying one of these (storage limitations we know about and no satelite TV)?
Thanks in advance for any inputs!
RE: Attention Sprint Van Owners

Just bought a 2005 Vista Cruiser in October. Love it so far. Had a conversion van and travelled to Ca. from NY 7 years ago. (with 3 kids) It was crowded but now it's just my wife and I so the Vista should be large enough for 2. We only have the one bed and 2 seats. We camped a coulple of weekends in Oct and think it will be great. Goiing to Ca. this summer. We did get 23 mpg and I love driviing it around town or wherever. Bruce
RE: Attention Sprint Van Owners

You can have a Satellite added to any class B Motorhome you just have to find a Dealer who will do it, there are many out there. Roadtrek offered it as an option last year. I would suggest the new KVH A5 satellite. Its only 6" tall and its always on in motion.