Attn forum users with speed issues!!!!

[Greg P] If you are having problems with slow response on this board, please respond with which browser (Explorer, Netscape, AOL, etc.) you are using and the version. We are finding that the problem seems to be related to non-current versions of Netscape and would like to verify that. Thanks for your response!!

-Greg Petry
Attn forum users with speed issues!!!!

[Earl R.] I am on WEBTV. Not only is the new boad agonizingly slow, but the blue border bleeds over onto the message board making the first part of messages very difficult to read. Hope you solve problems, this has been a good board in the past.
Attn forum users with speed issues!!!!


I have some info that I hope will be helpful in resolving the slow response issue.

At home I have a 90 Mhz Pentium using Windows 95. My web service is Juno 4.0 and I use Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0. My connection is made through a US robotic 28.8K modem. The average time from clicking on a message link until the message is displayed is about 15 sec. Other BBS that I sometime read have an average time of about 5 sec.

At work I have a 333 Mhz machine that is serviced through a central server. My browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0. I know relatively little about the system but I suspect that it is no more than 1 generation from the latest. Average response time on this BBS is about 5 sec. It is similar on other BBS.

I hope this comparison helps in your search.
Attn forum users with speed issues!!!!

[Webmaster] In response to trying to make this the best RV forum on the net, we have set up a test variation of this forum.

Although currently in the test variation, we can not have all threads expanded with these new features. Try it out and let us know how you like it. Any post you make there will be shown on this forum as well.

-Webmaster, RVUSA
Attn forum users with speed issues!!!!

[Rod Wise] The test variation forum was 8to10 seconds from my "click" till message came on screen. This new forum is taking 30to33 seconds!! Using IE 5.0
Attn forum users with speed issues!!!!

[Gary B] Hi Greg, this I like it works great, the speed is better than the old/old forum. Hope you can impelment this one, thanks for working on this problem. Happy trails GB
Attn forum users with speed issues!!!!

[Gdauth] The test forum is better, it seems faster but it makes it easier to follow a thread, especially one that is older and further down the list.