Attn: RV Owners near Tuscaloosa, AL - WE NEED YOU!

Dear RV owner, :) This e-mail is being sent to you with the sole purpose in mind of making you aware of an opportunity that is available to you as the owner of an RV or Travel Trailer.

We are beginning a very active and successfull Owner/Agent Rental Management Program that is designed for owners of RV's and Travel Trailers. :laugh: We are an RV Rental Dealer located in Northport, AL (north of Tuscaloosa).

Through our HASSLE FREE program you may actually go into business with your RV or Travel Trailer. ;) We are in a prime location, and have had so many requests for RV's, that we have decided to expand our possibilities to our customers, by adding extra units to our Fleet. As busy as we have been here, I can guarantee that this would be a great opportunity for you! Especially if you cannot afford to make your monthly payments, pay the insurance or the upkeep of your RV, if you just don't use it enough to justify the investment, or if you just simply would like to make extra money with your RV for the times you aren't going to be using it.

If your interested in generating an extra income every month with the use of your RV . . . please contact me at our office . . . 205-339-6107 or e-mail me. I can go over all of the details with you at that time or answer any and all questions that you may have.

If your worried about anything happening to your RV, please don't! We will handle the management of your RV for you! Each rental customer is required to put down a $1000 security deposit and is required to purchase their own RV Rental Insurance. We are a very clean and detailed company that keeps our RV Rental Units very extensively clean and we are very particular about every detail of the RV.

We look forward to working with you in the near future! :shy:


Carrie G.
Rental Manager
Southern Cruzin RV Rentals
Attn: RV Owners near Tuscaloosa, AL - WE NEED YOU!

And what about insurance on the unit while in your possession? My insurance is invalid while on your lot or in your possession.
Attn: RV Owners near Tuscaloosa, AL - WE NEED YOU!

Interested but insurance company says no way am I covered. Would appear you need to offer some sort of a blanket coverage thru your carrier to make this happen.
Attn: RV Owners near Tuscaloosa, AL - WE NEED YOU!

Larry, You are correct. We, as the Rental Company, will provide full coverage insurance on your RV while it is on our lot and being used as a Rental unit.

We do split the cost of the monthly premium for Insurance coverage on your RV. Therefore, you as the owner, are covered fully when you choose to use your own RV. Your compensation is 50% of the Rental Rate per day, as ours compensation is also 50% of the Rental Rate. You will receive a monthly check, excluding 1/2 of the Insurance premium. Your monthly check will be determined at the end of each month, depending on how often it was rented out that month. Does this sound like something you would like to get more information about? If so, please call us as soon as you can. We are in a very busy season right now, and any additional units that we add to our fleet at this time would be very beneficial to you, us and the customers.

May I ask, What is the year, make and model of your RV?