Atwood 8525 IV DCLP just stopped working


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I live in my Jayco Seneca Super Class C Motor-Home. Until last night my heater was working fine. Now there is nothing, no click, no fan, no ignition, no nothing. I have checked fuses, I have turned on and off thermostat, I have checked gas and I went outside and took over off and switched off and on circuit breaker out there which turned off all power to thermostat inside when switched off. When I turned this circuit back on, I waited a few seconds and I heard a low volume whine (this is the most noise I have heard since it stopped working) and then the red light started flashing 1x every 2-3 seconds. That indicated limit fault, but how can one have a limit fault when nothing has turned on, there is not even the normal click on the thermostat when turning on or raising temp. It was down to 48 degrees in here last night, thermostat is set for 68. I unplugged everything from circuit board and then plugged it all in, no change, just the whine and light blinking. What would cause it to stop working all of a sudden?


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First see if the fan will spin freely if it does then I would look to replace the printed circuit board. But the whine or humming you hear makes me beleive the fan motor seized up.