ATWOOD Fifth wheel jack 75333


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Just wondering if anyone else has been having problems with Atwood model # 75333 fifth wheel landing jacks motorized. I went to put mine down the other day and the passenger side leg jammed up and snapped off @ the drive. It did not move @ all from the up position before it broke. The trailer is only 3 years old, and I had lubricated it @ the beginning of the season, as per my manual. I called Colton RV where I bought my rig and had to order a new one, and I asked if this was an on going defect, of course they told me that this is not the case, but the manufacture has only one left in stock.... also etrailer sell that leg, and talking to them, they sell plenty! The only reason I did not order it from them was I had no idea if it was the new or old model, one is faster then the other :angry: