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Hi all,
Just got back from first camping trip of the summer. The weekend was almost a complete success. It was still a good trip regardless and hopefully next time my littlest one (3 1/2) rides his bike without training wheels. The reason for not a complete success, the first night all went well but the second night my furnace wouldn't fire up. I have a 2005 Jayco 806 popup and the furnace is a self starter. It makes all the proper noises like it's going to start, fan starts up, and then I hear the clickety click click when trying to light the propane but nothing happens. After 3 or so attempts it stops trying for a period of time(not sure how long). At first I thought no more propane so I swapped it out for my second FULL tank. I adjusted thermo and it made all the right noises again but wouldn't fire up. To force a retry I shut off thermostat and then turn back on immediately. I did this attempt 3 times (9 attempts to start) and sure enough it eventually fired up. Once proper temp was attained it shut off like it should but then would not fire back up again. It returned to the same thing, fan would turn on and clickety click click but no startup. I didn't bother to force a startup this time as the temp wasn't that bad plus I figured something wasn't quite right and needs looking at. Now that I'm home I checked both propane tanks and found both still have propane in them. Anyone know why/what my furnace is doing to not fire up.

If you need any further info let me know.
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Re: Atwood furnace

Your propane regulator may not be providing the proper propane pressure (11 inches water column pressure). It could also be low battery charge or incorrect spark gap. Check the charge on the battery and spark gap, if they are ok you probably need to take your RV into the dealer for service to check all the other possibilities.


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Re: Atwood furnace

Your furnace requires 10.5 volts DC - to 13.5 volts DC (from battery) to operate. If voltage is below that, the fan portion will come on, but there isn't adequate voltage for the sail switch to open and for ignition to take place. You might also be sure to purge air from the propane lines by bringing a pan of water to a boil on your stove.

You can find more information in the Owner's Manual, or at the website:

Hope this information helps.