Atwood water heater problem


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Hi, we are new at RV'ing and bought an older 1989 Windcruiser. We ran out of propane day before yesterday so the water heater went out. We got propane then tried relighting the water heater and it won't stay lit. I have cleaned soot and mud dobbers out as far as I can reach inside but don't want to damage anything. I can't reach all the way to the burners. Can someone guide me as to how to clean them out?
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RE: Atwood water heater problem

Welcome to the forum ,, if it was working befroe then it should work fine ,, after the refill ,, i am guessing u have a good 12volt source to the WH???
Also can u hear it try to spark???
U may have a stuck safety valve ,, they them so that if u have a major leak it will close and shut down the gas to the WH.
Also how long was it after u had the propane filled ,, before u tried to light the WH,, some times it takes a few minutes to purge the lines of air ,,,
Post us back on the outcome :)
Opps sorry ,, the best way to clean out the WH is with compressed air... :approve:


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Re: Atwood water heater problem

I had almost the same happen to me, as it turned out it was just air pockets and it took just a little time for it to clear. The refer. kept showing a problem on the status board. I turned on the stove and let it run for a couple min. and then the refer. started working ok. Good luck and welcome.