Australian family needs advice!

We have 4 adults and 4 kids ( ages 6-11) travelling from Australia to LA. We are renting a Class A that sleeps 8. We will be travelling from LA to Las Vegas, then to the Grand Canyon. After that we will head north to Canada to visit family near Banff. We will head west in Canada and then down the west coast of the USA. We have just over 32 days. We have never RV'd before and would welcome any or all advice on making this a great trip. What are the "must see" destinations. Is there a travel guide that will help us?
RE: Australian family needs advice!

We are in the USA touring in an A Class for a year to see as much of the country as we can. Hope you are a close family as our motorhome gets a bit small for us at times and there is only two of us. Still good luck with it. Looks like you are hoping to cram a lot in and would suggest that you check the mileage of your route to make sure that you can fit it all in.
We have just been to Vegas and stayed at the Oasis resort which was one of the best RV Parks that we have visited in the last eight months. You pay for it, but it's worth it. Heaps of amenities and handy for the Strip. Now going through Utah which is just breathtaking! Must see Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park. Across to Moab for Canyonlands and Arches National Park. The drive across is worth it on its own. Then up through Idaho for Yellowstone.
Suggest that you join a RV Park club for savings and forward booking. We use KOA wherever possible as you can book on line and the standards are mostly good. Depending on the time of year you are travelling it willbe wise to book ahead as it will get busy in the northern summer months. And, of course, bloody cold in winter for the direction you are going.
If you need any more detailed help please let us know.
RE: Australian family needs advice!

Dont miss Yellowstone it is great. You can exit Yellowstone on the Montana side and go north to Glacier National Park. Glacier is also a great park you can cross into Canada thru Glacier where in turns into Waterton National park in Canada. You will then be in Alberta. Yellowstone is a huge park so make sure give a few days the wildlife is spetacular.
RE: Australian family needs advice!

As for the travel guides I like the National Geographic Guide to the National Parks of The United States. It is very detailed for each park I woiuld highly recomend it. The Prince of Wales in Waterton- Glacier Park has a great high tea with one of the most breath taking views in North America.
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When you go thru Idaho you can enter Yellowstone thru the West yelow stone entrance, or the south entrance. Thye south entrance is a much nicer rider you go thru Jackson Hole, Wy and then you pass thru the Grand Tetons national park, they are also breath taking.
Re: Australian family needs advice!

Do you know whether we would be better to go to the north rim of the grand canyon than the south? If we are going to continue on north it looks like it would save alot of driving. Does anyone have an opinion about the north rim in Sept and if there is a good rv park that can take an A class that is reasonable close?