Australian need Info


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HI everyone in USA. Stevo here in downunder Australia, Brisbane.

HI to you all, Could anyone please...please tell me If you guys have a Air Conditioner in USA & Canada that runs of 12 or 24 volts>? that can be fitted to a RV's or truck sleeper cabs etc...the name of the air-con manufacture is "DC Airco", If so, can you tell me if this a/c unit is OK or a LEMON>?? Please some one!!! :question:

C Nash

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Australian need Info

A 12 or 24 volt ac is a new one on me :dead: . Don't think it would work very well. Can't see how 12 or 24 volts could run any kind of ac compressor. Let us know what you find. Got fans that will work on this voltage. Guess you could let them blow across a ice block :)