Australian RV holiday


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If you are considering a motorhome holiday in Australia some friends of our recently travelled in Australia for 6 mths , after buying their own RV & selling it for close to the same price.
They highly recommended a new service in Sydney called
Apparently it is operated by an RV owner & local resident in Sydney who helps overseas visitors buy & sell rvs for touring Australia.
The website is


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RE: Australian RV holiday

Don't know about this website so you can all suss it out for yourselves.
But it is very possible to buy an RV in Aus, tour around and sell it for a similar price six months later. I can't imagine too much depreciation in this time. There are other sites for campers as well.

Aus is a great place to RV. Plenty of space, ocean, parks, wildlife and generally good roads. I live here, and have done the whole exterior of the country, just need to see that big rock in the middle. I've RV'd Europe too. I'd say some of you folks should put Oz on your to do list. The US is on mine.


Damien ;)