Auto Park Systems

I have a 2001 (some of the papers say 2000 re the chassis)Georgieboy Pursuit, 34'6" long with a Workhorse Chassis (Gas). As you probably know, these models require the Auto Park System versus an actual "Parking" gear and emergency brake. Here's the deal. Since almost brand new (purchased in March of '01) we have experienced the Auto Park System deciding on it's own when it wants to engage. The fun times are when it does it at 65 mph on the freeway and then it's a race to see who or what gets to the front windshield first. It has also happened when the RV is sitting still. Question, do any of you have a Workhorse Chassis that has demonstrated this type of behavior and what have you been able to do about it?
Auto Park Systems

Workhorse bought the Chevy chassis line from GM. I have a Chevy chassis, but the system is the same as Workhorse in function. Sounds like the fluid is low in your system. If not then you have a bad sensor. Either one will cause the break to be applied. This is a poor design in that without fluid, or a failed sensor, the break automatically is applied. Not very good when you are traveling at any speed. In case you don't know, the fluid is auto trans fluid.
Auto Park Systems

These systems are similar in design to an air brake system... ie: when an air system looses pressure the brakes automatically apply. Believe me, you will be thankful the system works this way if you have the misfortune of having an oil line in the system rupture. This has happened to me when I had a RV with an Oshkosh chassis. Having the brakes come on automatically because of no oil pressure in the brake system, is much better then to be rolling down a steep grade out of control.