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Does anyone have an Automate Trailer? If you do tell me a little about it? We are thinking about having one custom made. Any imput we would love.


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I took a tour of the plant a couple years ago, they seemed to be way ahead of everyone else. I was VERY impressed, but it was something we couldn't afford (not if we wanted to buy a truck to tow it with) :laugh:
Looked for a used one for about 6 months but since they are custom built (and they really are, whatever you want, however you want it)
we could never find one to fit our needs. (you don't see many on the used market)
We met a couple who bought a used one and he tlod me they had an electrical problem. Someone suggested he call the factory, so he did. The design folks asked him for the S/N of the rig, and they send him a wireing diagram, free of charge (with overnight mail to boot)
I would buy if I could.
Hope this helps