Automatic Generator Start


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We’re shopping for a Class A gasoline Motorhome in the 35’ to 38’ range. We are debating Automatic Generator Start (AGS) systems. Are they worth it? What do they really do? Why would you buy or not buy it?
thanks in advance, Fred


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Other than needing it to stay cool to a drop in shore power while there are animals in the RV while you're away...I don't see the reason for it
I've been doing this since the early 90's and that is the only reason I can think of.


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We have a residential refrigerator that runs thru a 1000 watt psw inverter/charger transfer unit. We can get 6 to 8 hours from 2 -6volt GC batteries.

If running gas heat they don't last long when these two year old batts need replacing, I have room for four. Until then we just let the Auto Gen Start pick up the slack when needed. I found on the last couple of Walmart layovers Gen will start about 6AM . it is nice to not worry about power needs.

Quiet hours can be set if needed. If Camp Ground loses power when away from MH all is good. For those with pets a temp setting can bring the gen on as well.