Automatic leveler... Worth it?


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I am considering having an automatic leveler installed when I purchase a 24' class C. Is it worth it for such a small vehicle? I plan on going to remote camp sites and I want roof mounted sattelite tv, so I want to avoid leveling issues if I have to move to avoid tree limbs for TV reception. I'm a first time buyer, so I'm interested to see if I'm on the right track... Thank you.


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Hi SV64 and welcome to the RVUSA Forum. I don't know why, but you rarely see power jacks on Class C motorhomes. If you are camping in remote spots, you might not get the rig level, even with power jacks. Depends on how remote you are. As for a satellite antenna on the roof - I have clearance issues with trees in some campgrounds in my 30' Class C. If you must have satellite TV, I would recommend a ground mount antenna. You can move it to a clear spot and not have to worry about your rig. JMO.


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Two issues I see. Are you talking jacks or an autolevel system. Power Jacks YES auto level not needed and xtra cost, nice to stop setup in the rain and go to sleep without going outside. As to the Sat system, you really have to be out of level for it not to find the sats. But I have the portable and can go well over a 100' from the coach, I bought the little tripod for it and used it the first few times but now just throw it on the ground fairly level and by time I get in the coach and turn on the TV it's got the Sats. Storage of the Dome might be a problem in the small coach but there are mounts to a ladder that are semi permanent but if you find yourself in the tree can drop it to the ground far from the Coach.