Automatic transfer swi gone bad


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My ATS switch located on the backside of my power distribution panel has ceased to change from shore power to generator. I have gone in the adjacent junction box and wired direct to shore power for the moment. I can find plenty of replacement Automatic transfer switches on the market, however, I want to go to a manual switch. I need a 6 connection, on/off/on (DPDT switch with a neutral position) toggle or rotary switch that will handle 50 amps. I have searched the internet over and the local electrical supply houses cannot come up with anything. The distribution panel is located beneath the refrigerator. My rig is a 1992 Pace Arrow 37j with standard 30 amp service. I was wondering if anyone could provide some leadership on this.
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Re: Automatic transfer swi gone bad

Why do you want to go manual? Manual transfer switches are a pain. I know; I have one in my house. The trick is, it is not '1 switch' it is several, one for each circuit. I don't recall where I got it, someplace which sold generators and accessories; perhaps it was Home Depot.

See for details on the 'EmerGen Switch' I have. The price seems to have esculated significantly from 1999, I seem to recall getting it for well under $100 (for the 10 switch, 7.5KW model).

If you want manual with only 1 switch, you may have to got with the methodology the automatic ones use, to wit, relays. In fact, if I wanted a manual switch (and I can't figure out why I would), I would be tempted to see if I could rewire an automatic switch to select from an external switch. It would depend on how much it takes to control the relay of course, whether the external switch would be practical.


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RE: Automatic transfer swi gone bad

I think you are right hertig. I have found the cost of manual transfer switches to be much higher than automatic ones. I can find an ATS anywhere from $55 to $150 + shipping. I appreciate the link you provided. The switch there I wanted was $220 which makes an automatic more affordable as well as less trouble as you pointed out. I think I will stay with automatic. I appreciate you taking time to tell me about your involvement with manual switching.

By the way, thats a nice rig you have.