Auxillary (House) battery

I have a 1998-99 Jayco Eagle class C. My convertor is a Magnetek 45 amp with battery charger. When I have the rig plugged into house current from my home using a dogbone adapter, the built-in charger is not charging the house battery when I have the Main Switch on. I can't get any reading with a Voltmeter on the cables to the house battery. But I do get a reading of about 13 volts when I start the engine and check the cables. Could this be an Isolator problem? Any other ideas?



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Auxillary (House) battery

Yes, it could be an open battery isolator if you have one to open the battery circuit when it is not in use. Do you get 12V power to the lights and such from the converter? If so, it may well be the isolator. The engine charging is usually via a seperate isolator and cables. Have you checked the battery voltage to see what it is with not outside source?
Auxillary (House) battery

You could have blown the fuse between the charger and the auxillary batteries. You very well could have a wire off, too. The charging wire from the charger.