Auxilliary Gas Tanks


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We live in Alaska and plan on doing a lot of traveling up and down the Alcan highway. There are often long distances between gas stations and we are concerned with that and prices of fuel. We have recently purchased a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel Quad Cab short bed and a 22 ft. Arctic Fox trailer. We have been contemplating getting an auxillary gas tank and would like to know thoughts on this----looking at "Transfer Flow" Express 75 gallon with automatic transfer to truck the tank. We have also looked at a "Transfer Flow" 82 gallon electric refueling tank that would have to be pumped into the truck tank. The refueling tank does not require a hole to be cut in the truck canopy.... does anyone have any experience with any of these or have any thoughts or suggestions?

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Re: Auxilliary Gas Tanks

I use tanks that gravity flow into my main truck tank. Essentiality refills that one. Only requires about a 3/4 hole in bed floor and a tap into the filler hose.

I have a 60 gallon with a small toolbox combo on one truck and a 115 gallon tank on the other. I can drive the truck with the bigger tank about 2,500 miles between fill ups!! It averages 17-18 mpg all around. I have actually towed a trailer thru a tank full and drove 1,685 miles before the dummy light came on. :laugh: