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I am not that knowledgable regarding battery life for RV owners. My father had an RV for about 2 years and sold it last year and i know that battery / power management is key. I am in the fuel cell business and wonder if all you owners out there are struggling with keeping your batteries charged. And if you are not at a camp ground or some place to tie into the grid then how long do your batteries last before you need to turn on a noisy generator to recharge them?

I want to see this new feul cell technolgy that uses propane fuel to provide clean and quiet electrical power become a reality for us all some day.

I would love to hear your stories about battery usage, problems, and how you manage it.
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Re: Available Battery Power

David, the only time I use battery is between RV parks.

I would still be interested in your fuel cell technology, but if it runs on propane it doesn't sound very revolutionary.

Now if you could somehow invent a way to run the fuel cell on the output of our black tanks, then I'm sure you wouldn't have any trouble getting the attention of the RV community! We have a heck of a time getting rid of THAT stuff, and there's PLENTY of it!


Re: Available Battery Power

Clodhopper know your right. They turn pig poo into methane gas so why can't they do it with other stuff.
There's a chicken farm in Mississippi that makes enough gas to heat their operation and sell some back to the utility company