Awning Instructions


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Awning Instructions

I'll give it a shot... easier to show you.

On each side there are bars coming down,
you need to un clip or un screw partially
(so the two parts are kinda lose)
Now up on top right there is a little c shaped thing-pull it, it should release the lock, then in the middle you should have a
little strap to grab onto. Pull it out, keep pulling until
the awning is completely extended. (should click and
stay in place.)
Best if two people handle the next step.
From each side pull the bar out to the end of the awning
( it should slide up easily.) it too should click in.
Now there should be some sort of lever on each side,
pull the lever and lift the awning up to the desired hight.
Make sure it's high enough that your door can open without
ripping your awning. Also, when it's raining drop one
side down a couple inches.
Hope this helps !