Awning leak

My awning leaks right at the point where it fastens to the gutter assembly of my trailer. :( When in rains, water seeps through to the underneath side of the awning, and drips down the side of the trailer, or the drips will run down the awning, and drip to the ground. :angry:

Has anyone had this problem, and how did you fix it? :question:
Awning leak

Not sure this will help. definitely low tech, but if the awning is leaking through a seam (stitch line) a wax candle rubbed on the seam will work if the weather is warm. The stitches act as a wick and the water is sucked through.
Also a spray substance called Camp Dry (some sort of silicon) works pretyy good on tents, but has a nasty odor for a while.
Awning leak

I don't think it's leaking through the seam. It appears to be leaking around and then under the rod that holds the fabric to the gutter.

Anyone else have this problem?

I'll try some wax though, and see how it does
Awning leak

A friend of mine has a brand new Terra Class-A by Fleetwood, and it does the same thing. Matter of fact, it drips right in front of the entry door! He had it at the dealer the other day, I'll ask him what they did to fix it...
Awning leak

That's the problem with mine as well. ;) The leak is right in the middle of the awning's camper side edge, and that's right about where the entry door is :eek:

Wal mart is close, I'll look for some seam seal in the camping section.