Awning Mildew


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Can someone tell me how to prevent mildew from forming on the awning? I was careful to make sure the awning was dry before storing for the winter in a metal storage garage where it was cold but dry. No other signs of mold or rust but both sides of the awning were spotted heavely with mildew which was a lot of work to remove. The trailer is only 2 years old and I would like to keep it looking presentable. Thanks for your thoughts. Regards Radio


Awning Mildew

The problem is with dust particles that you can't see. Suggest washing it with a mild bleach solution , this will kill the mildew spores. there are several agents on the market that help prevent the mildew problem but the cheapestis the mild bleach solution.
Check the tag and make sure it is acceptable to use chlorinr bleach though