Awning on the bends


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I woke up one night and it started to rain and I had a HUGE sag in the middle and after messing with the awning, got the weight off he awning and went to bed, the next morning I found that the awning rod (the big pole going across) was bent but still working. Is there anything that I can do to straighten it out.

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Re: Awning on the bends

Hate to tell you, but you will never get it perfect again unless you have access to a machine shop that has the equipment to true it. The best answer is a new tube. I have sold one to a machine shop owner because he realized the cost did not justify tieing up his equipment.


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Re: Awning on the bends

The other lesson from this is that experienced RVers always put their awnings at a tilt when it rains. If you have not noticed they usually have one corner that is about a foot lower than the other. That slope will make it drain properly. The stretch of the fabric is what causes the problem that you had. Since each end has the fabric doubled into a seam, it doesn't stretch that much and of course both ends are held by metal. Thus the reason for the difficulty that you had.