Awning repair

Had a tight back in last week and rubbed the awning in a couple places while it was rolled up. To be sure it's pretty bad just on the outside roll. The question is can I take it somewhere and have it cut and the attachment piece be resewn in. If you get the idea I should only loose the length of one roll. Is this possible and if so who do you take it to?

Thanks for the help
Awning repair

Gary, nasty break. It can be done although the repair I saw they just shortened the awning by that rubbed area which was an insignificant shortening. Try RV dealer or possibly a awning shop. Email the mfgr for recommendations. :laugh:
Awning repair

Thanks,that is what I was hoping for. I haven't rolled the awning out yet but I am sure it's just the first roll.
As I was backing in on the property the wheels started to sink and it put the awning against an oak. I guess I was actually pretty lucky. Could have been worse.

Thanks again