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ky woman

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well, we did it, forgot to roll up the awning, and in the morning, found roller broke in the middle, can save canopy, but roller gone,
have order new one, what I want to know is:

Once its back on, HOW do WE get the TENSON
on it ,so it will roll up by its slef
Having a time of it in ky.



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Re: Awning Roller

The first thing is to get the tension off of the spring now. RV shops have a special tool for the purpose, or so I have been told. Not sure how true that is, but we amatures can add or release tension by disconnecting the arms from the side of the RV, while the tube is supported by a step ladder or such. Next, remove the bolt stop from the bottom of the arm to allow you to remove the horizontal arm from that sliding track. Remove it and then pull the bottom half of the arm off, thus leaving a section that will be about 5' long. Set the latch as you would to roll up the awning and then rotate the remaining arm to release the tension. (counter clockwise as you face the end of the roller on the front, and clockwise for the rear arm, also facing the end of the roller) The rotation should be the same as the roller tube would rotate if you were retracting it. Once you have the tension removed, you can then disassemble the end caps. Exactly what you will find depends upon what make awning you have. Replace the roller tube and reassemble in the reverse order that it came apart. Put the tension back by winding each end in just the reverse of what you did to release it. You must be very careful in this work as the tension can cause some really nasty accidents.

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Re: Awning Roller

Kirk, as usual, is correct. The only thing I will add is that instructions should come with the new roller and I will repeat, BE CAREFULL! We don't have a special tool, but use vice-grips. If they get away from you, they HURT.


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Re: Awning Roller

The special tool is for the high end awnings. I have one. Vicegrips are the normal tool but be carefull. If you let them slip do like they told you in school in the 50's and 60's incase of a nuclear attack.....DUCK AND COVER!!!!!!!


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RE: Awning Roller

I can e-mail you the A&E Awining Replacement Manual if you would like. It is a PDF file. If you would like a copy, send me an e-mail and I will reply with the document attached. You can get my e-mail by visiting my website link in signature below.