Awning Supports


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Where is the cheapest and best place to order the awning supports for underneath that take out the flap in the wind? I use three deflappers on each end, however, I still get some flapping because of the bow in the awning. Also, how about a support from the TT to the middle of the awning to keep it from bending (the metal part)?
I use two tie downs on each corner and a strap over the middle from side to side and it keeps it pretty good in most wind.


RE: Awning Supports

Archer look at CW web sight ,, they have a awning tensioner thingy ,, it mounts to the side of the rv ,, and when it's out u simply lock it in place ,, and it also has a saddle for the middle of u'r awning to sit in while traveling ,, they sag then too ,,, i have one on mine and it's great ,, but i noticed they have a new one out that uses hydralic pressure to keep the awning tawt in the middle ,, go to the CW web sight and look under awnings ,, if u don't find it let me know and i'll look it up in my catalog for u :approve: :cool: :bleh:
In response to the corner tie downs ,, kepp using them ,, they help with the over all support of the awning when deployed ,, i still use the srcew in the ground stakes and ropes ,, even with my awing tensoiner