Awning Tear


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Does anyone know if there is away to mend a small tear in the awning? Getting the 5th wheel ready to roll and noticed that there is a small tear maybe 1.5 inches where the awning goes into the awning bar (for lack of knowing what to call it) the round tube that the awning rolls around. Would like to keep it from getting bigger, as I would hate to see the costs of replacing it.

Also I noticed the awning wasn't releasing properly to dis engage so the awning could be pulled out. Any suggestions?

C Nash

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They make an awning repair kit but dont know if it would work where yours is tearing. Can be found at most major RV shops or online. what kind of awning do you have? The release may not be releasing all the way. Welcome to the forum


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I carry a roll of "RV Awning Repair Tape" with me just in case. It looks like white duct tape, but is supposed to be just for RV awnings. Probably is just white duct tape that I paid way too much for at the RV store. As for the roller not releasing, you might want to try WD40 on both ends of the roller to loosen up the ratchet mechanism.