B-29 Bomber

In know this is not RV related, but all you veterans will like it.

From my e-mail:
Most amazing model airplane(s) you've ever seen!
Remarkable! B29 Bomber This is only a model
airplane, but the time he must have spent putting this
together, and learning to fly it. Awesome.......This
aircraft runs on four chainsaw motors. You can just
imagine how much time, effort, skill and money these
guys have put into this thing. Click on the site

[COLOR= #9136ad]http://users.skynet.be/fa926657/files/B29.wmv[/COLOR]
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That is one fine piece of flying, too! They got me when the downward spiral developed into a situation where the pilots had to eject! I had my eyes closed! :eek:


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Ken that was great, I watched it several times and the DW was amazed by how so real looking it was. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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Great clip Ken and I've sent it on to my son-in-law in Texas, who is a model plane nut. I actually thought that it may be the latest Barack Obama tv ad for proposed cuts in the USAF budget!
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Great clip, I can't imagine of all the time and practice that went into the project. We winter in Brenda, Arizona and there is a strip set up there for the radio controlled airplanes and I love to watch them but have never seen a show of this caliber. :bleh: :cool: :laugh:


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That is just about unbelievable. Watched with my mouth just hanging open the entire time.
Thanks Ken, what a thrill to watch that.


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damn ,, they need that in Iraq ,, bomb the hell outta them by remote control
That was a good clip GTS ;) :approve: :approve:


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Thanks for sharing that. As a former Navy pilot (Phantoms and Tomcats) that was pretty darn impressive. Just last week on the Military Channel they had show on a group that is refurbing a B-29. Looked like a great show. You really got a wakeup call on the size of this beast when the young fella ran out and picked up the X-15 and then had it standing on its wing in the one shot. In all the shots the B-29 dwarfed the X-15.



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That was something else, thanks for sharing it. Got a brother in law in really heavily into those planes and has 7 different ones, gonna send it to him.