B or B+ campers


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Hello everyone,
I've really enjoyed reading the questions and answers on this forum. I hope to get some/many opinions by people who have actually done what I have in mind to do.
I've searched online for a long time, ....dealer ads, newspapers, ebay...and still can't decide on a brand to buy.

The budget suggests something in the one to four year old class b or b+ catagory for a one or two person plus a dog vehicle. Thinking diesel for the mileage and would/could settle for a gasoline engine with very low mileage on it, but that gets very good gas mileage. (might as well shoot for the moon, right?) Also, I live in the Rockies, so it needs to be a unit with winterization. Is there a brand that is better in this category besides Chinook?

I had just about decided on Chinook, then I heard they went out of business. Is that correct? It would have to be somewhere in the 2004 or 2005 y/o if it were a Chinook to fit what I can afford. Is there a problem with getting service on a discontinued brand such as this? I actually love the Sprinter models except they are so darned cramped, and the new ones are all glass on the sides. (plus they are Very Expensive)

Any opinions/advice on what is considered minimal powerwise, (I want to tow a 4wheeler) and/or motor brand recommendations/experience would be greatly appreciated....and I realize this is a very broad question. I am just hoping to pick up some piece of information that can help me decide which way to lean...or if they are all pretty much the same quality-wise, then I can simply shop by price. Thank you so much for any help you choose to advance. Chicade