B&W Companion

Well, I bought a pop up converter for my 35' Sportsman, to try and save $400...I don't really care for it, as it seems I get a lot of spring, and stress. So I am gonna try to sell it, and break down and buy a B&W Companion. I was wandering what your thoughts were, and experiences with them are. Thanks, and if anyone is looking for an offset pop up converter, let me know.


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Ken, To touch on goosenecks some more. I originally thought of getting one instead of the regular 5er hitch. But since I have a short bed, no slider in a gooseneck. Thoughts?
I am currently running this converter with my shortbed, the only issue I had was the height clearance...My truck sits high, and I was trying to keep the trailer close so as it was closer to level. Since I flipped my trailer axles, there hasn't been any issues though. I am gonna try the companion and see which one I like better, just wish I new someone close to me that I could try theirs.
I absolutly do NOT recomend taking a 5th wheel and making it a gooseneck. You put un-designed stresses on the frame of the trailer. This will VOID new camper frame warranties from ALL manufactures. You have to lift the trailer off the ball, about a 3" movement and then bring it back down to level..hince you work the jacks a LOT more. It is harder to line up over a ball than to slide into a 5th hitch. You have to add safety chains if you go with Gooseneck, Federal Law. 5ths are exempt. I could go on and on........