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In June we want to spend our holidays in the USA! We'll rent a camper in Washington DC and travel around for 2 1/2 weeks. But, we also will bring our little son Quint of 15 months with us. And we can't take all his equipment (baby chair, toys, etc) with us. Is there somebody in the Washington region who want to borrow some baby stuff for 2 1/2 weeks?

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Lisa and Steef, Bergen, The Netherlands


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baby equipment

Hello, sorry, I am confused. Are you looking to transport baby stuff from the Netherlands to Washington DC, leave it in Washington for 2 1/2 weeks, and then transport it back to the Netherlands? If so, why? And how happy will Quint be to not have his stuff for 2 1/2 weeks?

Or are you looking to not bring any baby stuff but borrow it while you are vacationing?
baby equipment


I am sorry that I didn't descripe my question very well. The thing is that we're first go to NY, then go to Washington (hotels) and then rent a camper. And we can only take some suitcases with us; So we thought: maybe there is somebody in Washington area that have some baby equipment that we can rent/borrow for a short while. ( 2 1/2 weeks). So you're latest thought is right!



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baby equipment

Looks to me like we have a visitor to the US in need. Is there anyone how has things like an infant seat for the car, a stroller, and that sort of thing who might be willng to lend or rent it to them? Unfortuantely, as a grandpa I don't have such things any longer. Can someone help, or perhaps know where it might be rented?
baby equipment

I would look at thrift stores like those ran by the Salvation Army and Goodwill. Nice used things can be purchased there at yard sale prices.
baby equipment

Car seats are cheap enough over here, try a rental place for the babybed and play pen, but here again try Wal mart for about 100 bucks you could probably find both that will get you by.
baby equipment

Thanks all for your replies!!

I'll try to find a wall mart to buy all the supplies. Unfortunately there is nowbody who has a relative in Wshnton DC where we can pick up somes stuff. The reason isn't that we want some bucks in a wall mart store, but that we also want to meet some american people. Not only at a campingground or hotel, but also at home. Anyway, thanks for all the posts!