back from alaska

C Nash

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We are back but are fulltiming now and find it hard to use the computer. GREAT TRIP!! Roads were not nearly as bad as we expected. Drove the Dalton all the way to the Artic Ocean but left the MH in Fairbanks and drove the toad. Beautiful country. MH performed great and no problems other than the toad came loose coming back through Calgary Canada. Think someone may have pulled the 5/8 pin because I have never had one to sheer. No damage other than a bent ladder on back of MH. Breaking system worked on toad and stayed behind the MH. The safety cables held. All ready planning on going back. Drove a total of 16000 miles. 11 on the MH and 5 on the toad. Have missed all the info here on the forum.


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back from alaska

Welcome back Chelse! Glad to hear alls well, and you had a great time. Hope you took plenty of pictures. Hope the Grizzles took your leaving well. :laugh:


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back from alaska

Welcome home!!! ;)
Sounds like another trip of a lifetime. We sure have missed your knowledge/experience/sense of humor/on and on......
Been thinking of you for the last several months hoping all was well and you were having a safe trip.
Coming through Al in late Oct.....maybe we can touch bases this time.. :laugh:
So, what are you doing full timing now...where/when???
back from alaska

Welcome back! Heard that is a security problem where somebody will pull the pin at a stop and then follow the RV until they stop for the problem. At that point you become a crime statistic. Good policy to check tow gear after every stop. :laugh: