Back from our adventure.


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Hi guys, Seems like I know most of you, from being on most every nite. I'm usually on late and don't say much unless I feel it is useful. We have been in the road for the last 30 + days and logged 4,500 + mi. We , DW, our 2 doxies, and her recently widowed sister. took our new 20 ft Salem LE, and new Nissan titan TV , from Fla. to N.Y. Then west to Tunica Miss., stayed at the Grand Casino RV park , it's a nice park , they have a nice pool, which we used every day. I did good on the roulette wheel the first day, but by the time we left on the third day they had it and my allowance all back, ahh but it was fun. DW came away with most of her allowance.
The Titan did a good job, hills didn't seem to be a problem. Thats a pretty good one N. of Charlotte N.C.on Rt, 77. Up the hill lickity split. full tank of gas wasn't it. I didn't do all the math yet but it seems like we got 9-10 mpg. The third day out the trailer toilet decided to leak. Not a happy thought to stand in water at 3 am, it sure does get you wide awake. The water heater wouldn't stay lit either. Forest River Roadside Assist got an appointment with Family RV Center on Rt 31 in Newark N.Y. We were there at 1:30 P.M. and out the door fixed by 3 p. m. It was near 100 degrees that day and they had us bring the dogs in the show room to be cool, they even let me in. They Cleaned & adj. the w.h. and fixed the flush valve. I cannot say enough good words about them.
We had a good trip, both of us got to see our families. My family has a reunion every year and I got to see cousins I haven't seen in 50 yrs. DW and her sister got to see their folks and we went to interment services for a brother who passed away. At Lake Lurleen S.P. in Ala. we got ants in the trailer. Not a good thing. It's a nice park, I'd like to have stayed a couple days but by then I had had all I could take of Sister-in-law, never again. Thats Ok this fall I think we will return to Ala. We have friends in Birmingham, and I'd like to see Vulcan Park and stay at Oak mt. for a couple of days.
From Rt 55 at Winona Miss. I took Rt 82 all the way to Tifton, Ga. it's a good road and about half of it is 4 lane.
I think I got rid of the ants, but how do I stop them so there is not a next time?
Everyone take care , keep the dirty side down. Jerry


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RE: Back from our adventure.

We got fire ants in our trailer one time. Now anything that touches the ground gets sprayed. Landing gear, tires etc. And I sprinkle ant killer around the camp site. Over kill maybe, but it wasn't a pleasant experience. :eek:


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Re: Back from our adventure.

I used the fire ant pellets I bought at WW while in Texas last winter......not a good experience.......still have scars from bites I got while setting up. Never again. And they were the biggest ones I'd ever seen.......because I was in Texas, I'm sure.... :laugh: ;)

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RE: Back from our adventure.

Hey Micah, glad you had a nice trip. Can't imagine going somewhere with a in-law. In my case a daughter-in-law. She thinks she knows everything. I know that can't be right if I'm along on the trip. I have used boric acid mixed with coke and put in a lid/small flat container that the ants can get too. Seems to attract the ones in the RV and kills them. :evil:


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RE: Back from our adventure.

Just wondering DL, was the boric acid for the ants or the in-law?

Seriously, Micah, glad you had fun. We just got back from a 4300 mile trip ourselves, and as much as it is nice to be home, I'm ready to go again.

Wish I owned an oil well or two....