back up cameras

We recently bought a 21 foot Chinook. I am interested in getting an inexpensive back up camera. Do you have any suggestions. Presently the RV in in Sarasota Florida and we will be picking it up on May 1, 2007 and driving it back to Lake Tahoe CA. We plan on taking a month. I am also looking to get a trailer hitch and a bike rack. Again any suggestions are welcomed.


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Re: back up cameras

I believe I saw a cheapee at w/m the other day while waiting for wifee. it was just a licence plate bracket with a camera mounted on the top of in and a small monitor came with it as a complete unit. cheap but interesting.


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Re: back up cameras

I've heard those 'cheapo remote license plate cams' have a reliable transmission range of about 2 1/2 inches :) Lets face it, a good system is going to cost 200-1200 dollars.
Re: back up cameras

just bought a camara for my suv a few months ago at walmart, for 100.00 and i love it . I can see a long ways and very clear. if i buy a camper this weekend i plan to put one on it. warning the rewiring can be a pain to install . i have my working automatic when i put it in reverse i dont have to turn it on everytime.