bad brake


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Am having a problem with, I think, my right front brake. The floor over the right front wheel can get quite hot and when I stop, the wheel is too hot to touch. I think the caliper is sticking and then unsticks, if that makes sense, because mechanics tell me that if the brake is working they cannot find anything wrong with it. They also do not want to take the wheel off and look at it.
Drove 150 miles yesterday and floor heated up last 50 miles. Got home and heat and burning smell around that wheel was evident. Parked the rig and next morning the tire with only a thousand miles on it was flat with no air at all in it. Visual exam of tire found nothing wrong with it and put some air into it which held but pulled it anyway to be checked out. May not have anything to do with the heat. Bearings were re-packed a thousand miles ago. Suggestions wanted. Am about to leave on a 7,000 mile trip. What is prudent. Has anyone had this problem. Vectra class A with Ford chasis.

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bad brake

Possible causes, bearing to tight, to much greese, caliper sticking as you suspect, bad brake hose. Get a infa red temp guage and you might be able to pin point the area of most heat and find the problem. Need to find the problem before starting a 7000 mile trip. Think you will have to find a mechanic that is willing to pull the wheel. Good luck