i recently bought a 30ft cherokee wolf pack pull behind, from The Great Outdoors RV in Evans CO. the problem is not the camper, we look forword to using the life out of it, the problem was the dealer! It was problem after problem. First it was they told us it was a 12 year term, we go to closing and it was a 6 year term with a balloon payment of $15,000.00 then it was that they forgot to inclued the hitch price after we signed the papers, causing us to up our down payment from 2600 to 3200. So we put up with it thinking its winter and they arnt ready for a sale. THEN I HIT THE FAN! We go to our walk through. The mechanic couldnt even get the trailer hitched to our truck. come in in the middle of our walk in and said " finally got the generator runnin" (this is a brand new toy hualer!) Think this is it? It gets worse. All mistakes aside, during the walk through i ask how the trailer brakes work. The man said lets see what kind of controller it is. we look and look. No brake controller. No brakes on a 30FT trailer, are you insane? after all that, you must be asking how could it be worse for any first time rv buyer? Get this, now there is a hole the size of a baseball in the rear fender of my dodge dually. They claim that the mechanic worked on the truck all by him self without jacks and that they sware they didnt do it. If so how did he hold up a class five hitch, drill holes in the frame and bolt in on? I cant get no awnsers from them except that that thay didnt do it. What can i do? Need help please. RW :dead:


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If the truck was ok when you took it in call the local police dept from the dealers lot.make out a property damage report that list all of the dealers employes who had control of the truck as suspects.then while the survice mgr is listening tell the officer you are willing to take a lie detector test to the fact that the truck was ok when you took it in.ask the service mgr if the employee who worked on the truck is willing to do the sure when the dealer and his ins co find out your willing to take a poly test they will have attitude change.

first off I would not have signed papers if the terms were not as agreed, and then I would have walked out ."Hind site" NOW I would contact the police and make out a report as stated above, contact the manufacturer about the condition of the trailer(gen wouldn't start, couldn't get hitched up and most importantly no brakes on a thirty foot toy hauler. the controller is on your tow vehicle not the trailer, as for not finding brake controller ,whoever PDI (pre-delivery inspection) this trailer with you is an idiot, not very knowledgable about what he is selling, I do hope you have brakes on this trailer for safety sake. Anything over 3000-4000 LB should have brakes by state law or maybe this dealer invented the new air brake system.(thats where the wind blowing against you slows you down). :laugh: :laugh: I think I would take this trailer to another dealer and have it checked out.You can look up the manufacturer on line and find dealers near you. As for the hole in you truck ,the big stick idea above works for best for me, :evil: :angry: ,but I think you would be better going to small claims court. fifty bucks to file ,you plead your case to the judge, he makes a quick decision and your done. just make sure you have documentation. If this trailer does not have brakes on it CALL THE MANUFACTURER NOW, ITS NOT SAFE. hope this helps some ,but this is just my opinion LEE

When did you sign on your closing? You have 3 business days to rescind in writing. Let the manager that you are considering on recinding (if the 3 days aren't up yet) and see if they change their tune.

Other wise I like the stick idea! :cool:

FIRST...let me make it clear that I am NOT belittling the problems you incurred. That's a horrible way to start off with a new rig.

BUT...I find it VERY difficult to believe there were no brakes! Frames and axles, for the entire rv industry, are supplied by a very few manufacturers. They just don't make axles, (for rv's) that carry that kind of weight, without brakes on them. Maybe that dealers service people are dumb as stumps? :question:
I'd look at those axles again! :approve:

Sorry for the misunderstanding... There are brakes, what they tried to send us down the road with was a 30 foot toy hauler with no Brake Control!!! Sorry about that. RW