Bad good luck or good bad luck?


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Last week as we were driving through a pouring rain storm, the drivers side wiper arm breaks, but right in front of a Camping World with a RV service center. Ended up having to order the entire arm since the old one was stripped. Got home and the Dometic side by side fridge quits. But, we have the CPI warrenty insurance and instead of paying $3000 we have a $500 deductible. This all comes as we are trying to relocate to Louisville where we will spend the summer in the RV as we look for a new house. We will be leaving here next Sunday morning if nothing else goes wrong!


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Bad good luck or good bad luck?

Good luck on the trip! We will be heading your way in about six weeks. We have a son at Ft. Knox and then are spending three months at the Lee Bottom Flying Field, near Hammond, Indiana.