ballon fiesta



Has anyone been down to Albuquerque NM , for the balloon fiesta this year???
If so how big has it got???
I used to live 10mins from the launch grounds and it was great ,,, but that was 20 yrs ago (not that i want to go back) but was just wondering how much it had changed ,,,
Remember ,, for those folks who have talked to the pilots ,, champaign and propane ,, the breakfast of balloonist (just ask one and they'll tell u)
Also ask any of them if they rember Maxi Anderson ,, he lived in Alb. and i graduated the year ahead of his daughter ,,,,,
She went to the same high school ,, so i guess u can call me a snob ,, the upper class high school :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
Bty he was the one who flew over the Atlantic in a hot air balloon :eek:
But got was killed a few years later ,, in a balloon accident....
Also knew Ben Abruzo ,, went to school with his daughter also ,, Him and Maxi were best friends ,, ask anyone of the balloon pilots ,, i bet they know of both of them :approve: