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Little new to Diesels - but here is my question. Would appreciate any and all comments.

Have the Tourmaster - 1993 - with the Cummings 8.3 and 250 HP. Wish to bring response up a notch and also power. Considering the Banks system. Talked with them today and for the kit ($1400) they said it would be a bolt on system that would boost HP to 325 and Torque by around 100 pounds.

Was - considering installing larger injectors and boosting pump pressure - but this system is simply boosting the turbo by installing a better one.


PS - I have extensive engine build and re-building experience on a broad range of gas engines. Last one I built was a 283 - all I did on that one was hone it out and install a slightly improved cam with 4 BBL intake and then a 650 Holly double pumper. It was interesting - too much for low end - but get that thing up around 1500 rpm and dump it and it would pump out quite well.

Back to topic - would appreciate input.

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Banks Power

Banks left me stuck out on the road. Had a problem... got into their web site via a library machine. Asked for local dealer assistance,but, didn't have a local phone number and my home number would have done me no good.

Long story made short, 3 tries, no reply from Banks customer service. Replaced with parts from US Gear. Good customer service works fine so far. :approve: :approve:


Banks Power

All I know about engines is that for more power there has to be more fuel and air burned.

In any bolt on system there should be an increase in power with very little fuel in crease as the efficiency is brought up to par. Getting 75 hp more will probably have an increase in fuel consumption.

Any case your local probably can let you in on the little secrets that allow the turbo to put out a little more.


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Banks Power

biggest issue is most likely what tranny do you have? Will it support the increased HP and torque?

Installed Banks system on my MH and did wonders for going over the coast range (Oregon) pulling 4300 lb toad.

Banks will tell you that MPG will actually increase but you most likely will not see it. You will be tempted to use the increased power negating the increased efficiency.

Actually I have noticed a 1MPG increase in fuel effiency.


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Banks Power

Had great luck with a Banks system. Coasted up hills that I formerly labored up. As Chuck said, little or no increase in fuel economy but a lot more power and engine not laboring as hard. :laugh: