basement compartments


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I have a compartment door that needs painting. I have an offer but the door must be removed. How do these doors come off? If I were to drill out the rivits at the top of the compartment that hold the top frame on to the door will the door come off? The top frame is not damaged so it really doesn't need to be painted. I can't figure any other way to remove the door, thought if I drilled out the three rivits then I could have it painted and then just rivit the door back to the top frame. Any help here would be appreciated Thanks gary :)


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basement compartments

A lot of these doors slide in the groove above and can only be removed after a lot of work. Sometimes even the fenders are held on that way with 2 to 4 screws at the bottom. Drilling the rivits will release the door but there should be rivits on the inside also which means there are probably 6. However you are actually taking the door apart because the hinge section is part of the door itself. This could lead to problems when you try to put it back together. It would probably be better to tape it off and paint it in place.